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Last week, the kids were signed up for an end-of-summer hurrah in the form of a day camp together at MyGym. I packed their lunch each day, dropped them off at 9:00am and then picked them back up at 2:00pm. As a homeschooling stay-at-home Mom, it was the kind of childfree time I never get and I felt like I had acres and acres and acres of freedom! So, I took advantage of those hours by overhauling my Pony Room--the office of all things My Little Pony at the end of the upstairs hall. I cleared out the walk-in closet in there, removing most of the wire shelving and bought (and assembled) three white melamine bookcases to use as display space. I found frames for most of my large Pony Fair posters and got my Pony Fair banners hung up with double-sided contact squares. By cobbling together shelving and drawer space from all over the house, I was finally able to clear enough space to unbox *all* of my G1 collection, all of my G4 collection, and a good percentage of my G2 and G4 collections. It isn't the final product I have envisioned, where I'd like lighted and glass-fronted built-ins for everything, but it is a comfortable stopping point for now. I've got my vintage stuff out of the room's sunlight, I've got most everything out where it can breathe and be assessed and fixed and seen, and it's just a very happy, very pony-rific spot.

It does change the vibe of the room, though, to have most everything G1 hidden away in a closet while the bolder, brighter colors of G3 and G4 are on display. And while I am an all-generations fan, the vintage stuff is/will always be my favorite. Not sure what to do about that, short of bricking up the window, but for now it works.

(My new closet displays. There are a lot of ponies in there that need some serious hair care.)

Here's the view from the door. The white play table under the window will host a revolving display of playsets. I've got a lot of playset accessories stashed beneath in the large rolling drawers. It is even big enough to display Paradise Estate!

My desk, to the right when you walk in the door. It's like command central around here. :D

The corner past the desk, where I've got most of my G4/Friendship is Magic boxed pieces and all my loose blind bag figures on little styrofoam risers I made up for the purpose. :)

Matching bookcase on the other side has (most of) my vintage G1 merchandise, some favorite G1 accessories, a handful of G2 ponies, my small G3 boxed collection, and a representative shelf of G3 ponies. The four totes tucked into the corner have tons of G1 and G3 accessories, playset shells, and then an entire tote of G3 loose ponies. The drawer unit by the totes stores all my vintage backcards and flat paper goods.

Rotating counter-clockwise some more, here's my twin bed (for overflow guests or me when Daniel's been snoring heavily) made up with vintage sheets and bedspread and the (open) door to my walk-in closet.

But here's that wall with the doors closed. (The mirrored door leads to the hallway, the other to the closet.) The bookcase in the middle has more of my G4 collection and all of Graeme's current homeschooling materials.

But if you look in the closet, you'll find my vintage My Little Pony collection!

Ponies are sorted by release, more or less chronologically from the top shelf to the right of the doorway, down the shelves, to the next case counter-clockwise, etc etc. I'm not completely happy with this as a display, but it is great for getting them all out of boxes and onto shelves. And, you know, walking into that closet is really, really a rush (of pink...and ponies...and eyes watching your every move).

Here's my UK/European collection.

Most of this case on the back wall are my mail order ponies. I realized I have 12 birthflower ponies but somehow I've got two Octobers and no June. Unboxing everything, instead of going on my inventory lists, has revealed quite a few things like that. Whoops! :)

Lots of messed up hair in this bunch!

On the left hand wall, I've got my wingers and sea ponies along with as many of my boxed/carded ponies as I could fit in. I do feel better getting them somewhere darker.

The view of the room from the closet.

My blind bags.


G3.5 Newborn Cuties

G1 Merchandise

Above my desk.

Jenn and Sarah gave me these pastel rainbow heart ornaments. I found the perfect use for them along the top of the curtain. :) <3

Signed Liz Knight artwork over the closet door.

I'd been holding off until I could afford the cases, the paint, the chandelier, the slipper chair, the everything I'd envisioned for the room. But, for about $150 in frames/bookcases and scrounging the rest from what we already had, I've got something I'm quite happy working with in the meantime. :) <3

It's 100% me. Super happy, a little silly, faintly embarrassing...but mine. :)
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