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The Fable Tribe had a small update today of Doctor Who inspired Glamourkin pendants and TARDIS blue star-filled blessing bowls. It's pretty spectacularly happy and inspiring stuff. This year's cash crunch has eased quite a bit, now that we're in the process of moving and have sold off our (disastrously money-sapping) rental properties here in Illinois. I splurged this afternoon and bought myself two pieces I really, really love.

The Fable Tribe
This blessing bowl, for ever returning, was perfect for me. Doctor Who, yes, but also an affirmation of my belief in reincarnation, in the knowledge that I, too, am for ever returning, and maybe, if that's true, I can be forgiven for my flaws, given space and compassion to grow and transform and return again.

The Fable Tribe
I bought this book shaped Glamourkin. I love everything about it. I don't know if it's me doing the shining or me being promised some reinforcing light (probably both), but I love the Sun magick of it all and that's very much what this move and the past year or two feel like to me. Lots and lots of sun magick, of sovereignty and light and growth and sustaining warmth.

Did anything from the update catch your eye? If so, are you a Doctor Who fan, too? :)
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It has been a happy (and splurgey) mail week. Yesterday, my box from Amazon came with the three print books of [ profile] mermaiden's that I didn't have. I'm especially excited as I hadn't read Cage the Darlings or One Solstice Night from her Elora Bishop pen name in e-reader format, either. I read the first couple paragraphs of One Solstice Night aloud to Daniel straight out of the box--it was so charming and entertaining. I'm really looking forward to catching up on them.

I also got my box from The Fable Tribe's latest update. I'd sorta gone with the 'one of everything' mentality since there were so many new product types being debuted. I bought one of their floral crowns, which is all ivory and coral and bronzey brown and ideal for my auburn hair. I got a set of gold glitter Pixie Stars, a mini shrine, and two of the Glamourkin'd Faerie Foundlings figures. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packages and saw how small and dainty everything was. Etsy descriptions with measurements don't mean much to me and from the pictures, I expected the Pixie Stars to be almost Glamourkin-sized and the Foundlings, I really had no idea. The little fawn I got is tiny. A-freakin-dorably so. He and the simplicity bunny fit so beautifully on my home and family themed window altar. I had no idea how many more I actually have room for! :D I knew the mini-shrine would be small, but I didn't appreciate how small it is. It makes the detailing that much more lovable. I'm thrilled.

It is kinda like an animal rescue story. I bought everything because of how great it looked in the photos online and because I believe in the cause but now I'm here to show you the photos of the happy rescues at home, adored and animated, magicked by their surroundings and the comfort of being wanted and loved and home safe and now mine. Everything is just *so* happy!


More photos under the cut... )
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How did I not know and why did nobody tell me?! Since last year's release of [ profile] mermaiden's The Dark Wife, I've daydreamed about adding her books to my library, all alphabetized and official-like. There is absolutely nothing, with the exception possibly of attending my son's dance recital, that has the sort of swelling pride joy, thrill, and rightness with the world than seeing the books of friends on my shelves. I have, and love, [ profile] lathriel's The Poppet and the Lune. [ profile] radshaun, my best friend from high school, has copies of his The Deathday Letter shelved between Marguerite Henry and Eva Ibbotson. I have two copies of The Dark Wife--one signed by Sarah to me and the other signed by her generically for that day I meet someone who simply must receive my spare copy.

I'm not against ebooks, but neither do I love them. Daniel bought me a Kindle as a surprise birthday gift back in October and I've only charged and used it this week for the first time. I don't mind reading webpages, newspapers, journals electronically but I want physical copies of books. I don't want to see a digital photograph of something Graeme made in ceramics--I want the misshapen coil pot itself! I don't want to view my friends' publishing efforts--I want to hug them and stack them and alphabetize them and plant them on park benches and slip them into book exchange boxes around town. I want them to have substance and to live, live as only a print book can.

So, color me completely shocked to be toodling around on Amazon, buying Crumbs and Far for this new Kindle thingy and discovering that Sarah actually has more print books than just The Dark Wife. (I'd think I'd have known this. WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS?! Did you know this?)

I did some remedying of the situation. For $28, free shipping, I will soon receive huggable, autographable, shelvable copies of:
* Hallow's Eve: A Halloween Fairy Tale
* Cage the Darlings
* One Solstice Night

So, in other news from the ladies of the purple shuttered cottage, The Fable Tribe, their new shop on etsy, had a huge update last night. They unveiled a bunch of new products--little sparkly animal 'faerie foundling' figurines, floral crowns and hair flowers, a rainbow of glitterful star bobby pins, shrines and stamped clay altar pieces, and even large Glamourkin wall plaques. I watched some of the update as it happened and then ultimately went to sleep and revisited the shop at 4:00am when Elena woke up to nurse. Thanks to my phone and some impulse purchasing, I ended up with five of their new treasures. :D I got:

The Fable Tribe
This fairy crown to wear for Midsummer.

The Fable Tribe
"Embody Peace" Faerie Foundling

The Fable Tribe
"Cherish the Simple Things" Faerie Foundling

The Fable Tribe
Gold Pixie Stars

The Fable Tribe
Magic Mini Shrine

If you bought anything, what did you pick up? :) I'm most excited about the foundlings and tucking them onto my windowsills with my vases of seaglass and other little treasures. That's become my altar to family and our home here.
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Most of you probably already know, but the creative and spiritual powerhouses behind Glamourkin have launched a new store on Etsy, The Fable Tribe to sell a greater variety of their handiwork. I was lucky earlier this month to get one of the first of their Spoon Glamourkins. Lucky, because I would have never bought one on my own.

(That's daring and shameful to admit of my best friends' work, yes? ;) I'll tell you why.)

I'm no fan of spoon crafts. Spoons drilled and marketed as clanking wind chimes or bent into awkward, uncomfortable spoon bangle bracelets disappoint me. I think the spoon is a perfected form all by itself. It is no more improved by being warped and twisted and repurposed than my great-grandmother's antique wedding dress would be improved by being cut into a hundred square dinner napkins. I am adamantly anti-spoon art. In my mind, spoons already are art.

So, you see, I would have never bought one of the Glamourkin spoon pendants out of my spoon-art prejudice and I would have never known what I was missing. The pendant I have, like all Glamourkins, has a spiritual richness and resonance that speaks to me. The color is astonishingly vibrant and jewel-like, flashing and sparking in the light, but the feel of it is mesmerizing. The weight and worry-stone smoothness of the bowl, resting against my heart on a long chain, the slick warmth of the epoxy under my thumb, the energy of all the hands that held it, all the life of the foods it carried, glowing comfortingly in an aura around the worn silver. It is perhaps the most magical item I've ever gotten from Glamourkin, in years of loyal patronage, and I would have dismissed it from the start, had I never seen one or carried one in person, as simply not-for-me.

Now I'm biding my time until I can afford one in that outrageously, joyously sparkle silver or gold. I can admit when I'm wrong--and I was wrong. Sometimes, sometimes, it turns out that the spoon can be improved upon and given a new, higher purpose in life. Once other people start to see and feel and experience these new Glamourkins in person, I know they won't be hanging around the shop very long.
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As I'm sure most of you reading this know, my dear friends [ profile] mermaiden and [ profile] willow_cabin are working feverishly to raise the money necessary to put on their wedding next month. If you'd like to help them or just treat yourself to something lovely, you can buy something from one of their cottage industries: Glamourkin book-based jewelry, Garden of Antheia fabric flower adornments, or Sarah's e-book and print publications.

Also, if you're a fan of foodie perfume oils, our mutual friend [ profile] rubymulligan is selling a limited edition perfume on her Etsy shop with all profits going towards Sarah & Jenn's wedding fund. It's very nom. :)


So, in the interest of having the best shopping day ever helping these ladies out, I went on a bit of a spree solemn philanthropic mission the other day. I bought a bunch of Glamourkin pendants, some hair flowers, *and* a second bottle of the Sweetest Day perfume. My Glamourkins arrived and I'm just so in love with them! :) I bought some as gifts and some for myself--but these are mine.

I know some of you bought your own the last few weeks--I'd love to see what you got and hear what it was about that one that called to you. :)

I love this Beauty and the Beast illustration, I connect with images of redheads as heroines, and I believe, absolutely, that love is not only the oldest but the most powerful magic.

Strangely, two weeks in a row now, we've had the same reading in our Unitarian Universalist church service. It so moved me, I wrote part of it into the margins of the service program. It reads, in part, We need one another when we are in despair, in temptation, and need to be recalled to our best selves again.....All our lives we are in need, and others are in need of us. I love that image of community calling us to our best selves, of need calling us to our best selves, and so this pendant was absolutely perfect to crystallize and remember that teaching forever.
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The ladies of Glamourkin are currently updating their store with the latest batch of inspirational jewelry pendants. I lucked out and got my first two picks!

This one, because I truly believe that 'happiness' is a matter of choice, perspective, and practice--not the result of everything going your way.


This one, because it perfectly captures the joy, the reverence, the fellowship, and the sort of windswept power and freedom I feel as a witch.

How about you? Any pendants calling to you from this update? :) What do they say about you, your dreams, your view of the world? :)
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I had to come back to the internet to announce something very exciting! :) [ profile] rubymulligan, the proprietress of The Misery Love Co. has released a limited edition perfume, in sync with The Sweetest Day holiday, with all proceeds going to [ profile] mermaiden and [ profile] willow_cabin's debt-defeating 1000 Glamourkins project.

She's made only 20 5mL bottles of the perfume, THE SWEETEST DAY, and has them up in her shop for $20/set. The fund-raising limited edition set includes the 5mL THE SWEETEST DAY perfume oil, 2 sample-sized vials of FOREVER FRIEND perfume oil, a Misery/Love Co decorative bag and some little (edible) candy treats. :) She's listing them one-at-a-time, as far as I can tell, so if her site appears sold out of the perfume, it is worthwhile to check back later to see if she's listed another. Rhiannon is a pro when it comes to turning out rich, complex, deliciously balanced perfume oils. I hope you'll give her shop a try! :) The scents sound awesomely scrumptious and all the money raised goes to some people who are pretty dear to my heart. :)

Here's the scent descriptions!

Piles of cupcakes, frosting swirled high
Apple dumplings, cheesecake, pumpkin pie
Mounds of brown sugar, pools of sweet cream
A caramel, vanilla, marshmallow dream

On this Sweetest Day, savor each minute
Smile at the moment; enjoy being in it
Bask in the light of your circle of friends
And know that your Sweetest Day never ends

A sister is a forever friend.

Rose water, spun sugar, angel food cake, airy meringue, crystallized lemon peel, and ripe strawberries.
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Good Morning!

It has been a few weeks, so I wanted to update everyone on the state of our Glamourkin sponsorship fund. :) I have taken this off our super-secret filter so that friends of friends or people who love Sarah & Jenn but don't know me can be referred back here if they'd like to band together. :) So if you know anybody that would be interested in taking part, or at least knowing what we're doing, send them my way. :) Sarah & Jenn will be able to read this and will know, finally, who the toiling elves in the shoemaker's cottage really are. :D (We love you two! Please, forgive my meddling. You can painlessly skip reading all the nitty-gritty embarrassing details below. The basic message is: We support you! Huzzah!! :))

Since our little sponsorship project got started, we've surprised [ profile] mermaiden and [ profile] willow_cabin with a delivery of 1000 bubble mailer envelopes and 1000 Glamourkin pendant-sized zip-top baggies. (Any more and they won't be able to get in and out of their home!) We've also been able to pay, like little elves in the night, a total of $77.84 in etsy fees! That's the equivalent of the listing *and* commission fees on approximately 106 pendants. That's incredible! So awesomesauce and a huge Thank you! to the amazingly generous sponsors for this month's "Belief" batch. Who can fail to believe in the kindness of the world and the power of daring to dream with such palpable proof? I'd hoped we could help pay the fees in part and instead, these four sponsors have covered the entire cost of having Glamourkin on etsy for the month!! Thank you!

The Second Door--Belief
sponsored by: [ profile] rubymulligan, [ profile] azhure, [ profile] belladonnastrap and [ profile] aerialmelodies

Our sponsorship fund still holds $46.38. This is enough to cover the commission fees on all of the pendants currently in the Glamourkin Etsy shop, for when they sell, as well as enough left over to both list and sell another 41 pendants next month. Would you like to join our current sponsors for the upcoming update? :)

Currently we have:

The Third Door--?
sponsored by: [ profile] elfinecstasy, [ profile] greyeyedpixie, and [ profile] neva_butterfly


Here's how our sponsorship program is working...
1) I'm taking contributions, of any amount, via PayPal to .

2) As etsy fees accrue, I am using that fund to pay them off. As long as there is money, we'll keep paying fees, allowing more of Glamourkin's profits to be put towards their debt pay-off plans. :)

3) For an idea of how far your money will go, each pendant costs 20 cents to list on etsy. Once it sells, an additional 53 cents of commission is due. So each pendant that passes through etsy costs 73 cents in fees. Each month's batch of 100 pendants in the 1000 Glamourkin project, therefore, costs $20 to list and $53, in commissions, when they sell. So for only $73 per month, we could cover all of the expenses of keeping Glamourkin on etsy! :)


Other Ways to Help!

<3 Promote Glamourkin! Getting the word out about their products via their LiveJournal page or on Facebook is a huge help. The more people who stumble upon their shop listings, the more that are likely to find a pendant meant for them.

<3 Cut Down on PayPal Fees! For *each* pendant you purchase and pay for through PayPal, approximately 74-89 cents is taken as a PayPal service fee. If you're a friend of Sarah & Jenn and comfortable with this, there is a way to avoid this fee for them. On checkout at Etsy, click "Pay by Money Order". Note the amount you owe for your purchase, go directly to, and send that amount under the "Gift" designation to them at Make sure you note, in the comments section of the transaction, who you are on etsy so they know who has paid for what. (Otherwise, I imagine they will very much not thank me for giving you this advice. :D) It might take an extra minute or two on checkout but it will ensure that a greater amount of what you pay for a Glamourkin goes towards paying off their debt instead of paying endless fees. :)

<3 Send Money Directly Some of you know me and others may not. If you'd like to help sponsor Glamourkin, you can always send your money straight to Sarah & Jenn (via PayPal) at . You could maybe sponsor a pendant you've purchased and loved, for example, by sending $3, the approximate total cost of etsy fees, PayPal fees, and postage it took to get that pendant into your hands. :)

<3 Give Us Ideas! If you have any ideas for how we can support and cheer on [ profile] mermaiden in the 1000 Glamourkin Project, please let me know! :)
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The second monthly batch of pendants for the 1000 Glamourkins project was posted yesterday and I arrived home from the airport, just in time to snag these beauties. My intention with this is to hang them, with gold sparkling ribbon, amongst the other ornaments on my Yule tree. They're about magick, belief, and that dark winter's faith that gets me through both the physical and metaphorical winters in my life. I know the Light comes. I trust the cold, the dark times. The seeds must rest.

Which call to you?

Three more under the cut... )
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Yesterday, Glamourkin's [ profile] mermaiden unveiled the first installment of 100 unique inspirational art pendants. They're extraordinary. The story behind her project to make 1000 of these Glamourkins is heartwrenching and sweet.

Will you buy into someone else's dream?

I did. This one, out of the whole batch, called to me the most. I cried when I saw it. Much like a tarot reading, it answered an unspoken question in no uncertain terms, a bit of self-doubt and "Should I do this...?" that I was dealing with yesterday. I should.

If you bought from this update, which one was it that caught your heart? :)
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As many of you know, on July 17th Glamourkin returned from a sixth month hiatus with more one-of-a-kind art pendants made from dilapidated books and bamboo. The shop, which has become a love song from collage muse [ profile] mermaiden to her wife [ profile] willow_cabin, is only a handful of sales shy of the one thousand mark. Each pendant carries a little bit of magic and an empowering message, so that's really a lot of beautiful spellcraft winging out into the world.

I bought my first pendant on June 9th, 2008. It was a black and white illustration of a priestess with a crescent moon on her brow. The collaged text read, "her book of spells was love". I still remember the jolt when I spotted it in the crowd of pendants that was Glamourkin's first commercial release. It was my story. My hands, literally, shook as I waited for to confirm that I'd successfully purchased it. It was as if Sarah saw down to the heart of me, saw everything I was and everything I most aspired to be, and poured it into that affirming pendant. It proclaimed a Truth about me and also challenged me to live up to that revealed Essence. Every last pendant, the past two years, has had a similar story. Now they all live together in a magical triple moon box, my box of spells, and each makes me better, more aware, more grateful, more daring, more something when I choose to put it on. Their magic grows.

In two years, I figured out, I've bought 26 items from Glamourkin, given and received them as gifts and still I have 35 Glamourkin pieces (pendants large and tiny as well as two necklaces) in that sacred box of mine. Thirty-five!

They say a lot about me--both what I believe and hold dear as well as what others see within me and choose to honor as a gift. Most of my favorites, I realized this month, are very much channeling the messages of Temple of the Twelve's Lady Pink. Love, compassion, care, service. Here they are:

I have quite a few that suited my Black month's studies, too. It'll be interesting, as I go through the months and get to know the Colors, to see if my Glamourkins are predictive of what Colors I'm most in-tune with, what I'm most painted by, what Colors most claim me. What do you think? :D

Below the cut, images of the rest of my Glamourkin collection. )
What about you? Do you have a Glamourkin--or an entire collection of them? What have they taught you about yourself? What is it that catches your attention, that tells you which was meant to be yours?
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After six months of silence, Glamourkin returned to this weekend. It feels like all is right with the world again. :)

Glamourkin - July '10 Update

Happy shopping! :) <3
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For the last time, I've lit my black pillar candle, the one so cheaply made that it is only a whisper of black coating on an unabashedly white candle. Earlier this month, I knew it to be a metaphor for our embodied existence. It is so much more than that.

I've pulled out my collaged self-portrait, that archetypal image of the Goddess, of air and water and magickal heart. Making it, digging down through all my layers in order to accurately, honestly represent them, I expected to have to overcome shame at what I found. I knew I'd have to just bare it and steel myself for the response from friends and family and myself. Who would still love Me, the dark and the light, the public and the private, the hidden and the obvious together in one complex person? I had no idea.

I am that candle. I dug through the dark parts and you know what I found this month? My Soul. My whole, shining, good, Divine, immortal and evolving Soul. The heart of me is big, it is filled with the infinite possibilities of perfect love, true connection, and the potential for complete healing. I chose this embodied life to learn more, to grow more, and in so doing I pulled on a flawed mantle. I trip up on silly things and skin my knees. I worry about my flyaway hair and let insecurities lock me away from other people. I am human, imperfect, a work-in-progress and that's just the thinnest most inconsequential surface layer. If I dig, I don't get to darker places within myself--I scrape off the daily-life detritus that obscures my soul from view. I am as beautiful, as perfect, as shining and loving as everyone else is in their depths--for we're all bits of radiant godstuff poured into flawed temporary housing.

I have spent so much time worrying about the time I was wasting, anxious that my life didn't meet some arbitrary standards that I had set for it, shameful at how ineffectual and unimportant and invisible I felt. I have been so hounded by the looming sense of my eventual death that I've been paralyzed and self-hating. That's short-sighted one-life thinking.

At my birth, the moon was in Taurus. Physical things make me feel safe. It is a stubburn, fixed sign for me, at odds with the rest of my air and water chart. I feel safest when I've dug in. When I'm anxious, I ground my emotions with food and material accumulation. I abhor change. Well, what greater change can there be than death? New existence, new chance, new set-up. I value it spiritually and intellectually, but my little warm earth body wants to stay just this way, unmoving, forever. Without change, though, the egg never cracks, the seasons never shift, the seed never sprouts, and my soul cannot continue to evolve.

By doing nothing, by vacillating for years, I've been making a daily choice. I can choose, instead, to change and to allow my life to change and evolve along with me.

"It is free will that lets us choose what we eat, our cars, our clothes, our vacations...similarly, we can choose to increase our capacity to love or be compassionate; we can choose to perform the little acts of kindness that bring us internal satisfaction; we can choose generosity over selfishness, respect over prejudice. In every aspect of our lives we can choose to make the loving decision, and by doing so, our souls will evolve." ~Dr. Brian L. Weiss in Same Soul, Many Bodies

I am not on track to cure cancer or govern the nation, become Miss America or a fashion model or do any other exceptional and ambitious and societally applauded life undertakings I may have once dreamed of. That has poisoned my self-esteem for so long, measuring my accomplishments against that impossible yard stick. My soul doesn't need that to be bettered. None of it. My month working with the color Black in the Temple of the Twelve was bookended neatly by volunteer shifts at a neighborhood homeless shelter. Six hour shifts, without break, interviewing families and seniors teetering on the brink of complete financial disaster. I could have done it, tirelessly, for days. Both times, I came home with such a sense of completion and presence and inner satisfaction and divine glow that I felt, quite fully, that I could die a happy woman in those moments. I let my heart lead and I shined and watched others shine around me and I was in an almost otherworldly state of Perfect Love and communion. I was doing what I'd entered this world to do--to Be Love. What more than that could I possibly aspire to? It's all about love and I have that, naturally, in spades.

My gift isn't small after all--it has the biggest potential of all.

"All of your roads will end in death. Not all roads lead to life." ~Cynthea Jones (Diana's Grove Mystery School)

I will love to my best, most fearless ability. I choose to hold a candle in the dark so that others may catch a glimpse of their own divine soul. I trust that change, while not always easy or safe feeling, leads me to greater spiritual evolution and healing. I know that under this very thin veneer of flaws and uncertainty, that I am truly a "whole, shining, good, Divine, immortal and evolving Soul" and I will look for it sparkling in the eyes of those around me.

Lady Black sent me a token. It is a Glamourkin, the image of a castle tower on an utterly black night with light in just one window. The text, clipped from an old book and reassembled, reads "a candle burns, as bright as stars". We are the candles, little embodied bits of godstuff and starshine, immortal and growing and exactly where we are supposed to be on this learning path. Love shines in the darkest of nights and connects us, not only to each other, but to our own immortal, divine cores.

I read the words I collaged together as part of my self-portrait's heart one last time.
We all have a role mothering. Witch, help connect all our broken pieces together.

Hail and Farewell, Black.

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Packing up my camera and whatnot in prep for tomorrow's departure, but I wanted to leave a photo of the four touching Glamourkin pendants I got as Yule gifts this year.

Glamourkins:  Yule Presents from Glamourkin

"A Bowl of Moonlight" --from [ profile] mermaiden and [ profile] willow_cabin
"Tousled Hair in His Eyes" --a surprise from my husband. It's our son, Graeme, clearly! :D
"Embrace Gaia" -- [ profile] mermaiden and [ profile] willow_cabin
"No One Is Alone" -- [ profile] mermaiden and [ profile] willow_cabin
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With last night's Glamourkin Halloween Update, it feels like fall can now officially begin. I was up at 3am scrolling through all their Hallow's Eve story pendants to find the one that called me the most. I ended up with story panel #33, the dark outline of witch and vampire as they approached the Death Tree. The words on the pendant read, "For in the tree was a door" which seemed both personal, with my frequent use of the World Tree route to the Underworld, and also whimsical with that witch's pouf sleeves and pointy hat.

I also bought three of the Trick or Treat grab bag pendants. The ones I got last year were astonishingly perfect, gorgeous, and have been worn by me year round. I'm hoping these are just as timely for me as those past messages were. :) I like trusting in the magic of that random pick, in letting the Universe pick for me.

And perfumes! Perfume! Their big surprise this year was a collaboration with [ profile] rubymulligan's The Misery/Love Co. to create accompanying fragrances with the Hallow's Eve story. So at 3am, when faced with the scent descriptions and finding five different kinds of cupcake fragrance and a witch perfume and a vampire perfume and a witch's shop fragrance? It was pretty much impossible to choose. (I got full bottles of Charon's Cupcake and the Gargoyle's Cupcake and then sample vials of the other three cupcake 'flavors', Laluna, The Death Tree, and Ye Olde Potions.

What did you get? :D Did any of the jewelry seem to speak directly to you? :)

Dish in comments. :D
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It should be no secret that I love the magical, inspirational jewelry made by the ladies at Glamourkin. I realized yesterday that I've amassed quite the collection! Since they're all one-of-a-kind, I thought I'd take a photo of my collection with the hopes that those of you who have them will post your own. (I want to see! I want to see!) I think they're a great insight into one's self--the ones you choose, the ones you request custom, the ones that are gifted to you, the ones that arrive randomly selected. I keep them in a triple moon altar box, each one a spell. Seeing them together, there are some definite themes, no? :)

I realized a bit too late where the missing ones were hiding, so this photo is incomplete by a couple. :)

Whatcha got? :D It'd make my day if you'd share. :)

My (Almost) Complete Glamourkin Collection

You can click on the photo to see a larger image if you'd like to read them and can't. :)


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