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Last week, the kids were signed up for an end-of-summer hurrah in the form of a day camp together at MyGym. I packed their lunch each day, dropped them off at 9:00am and then picked them back up at 2:00pm. As a homeschooling stay-at-home Mom, it was the kind of childfree time I never get and I felt like I had acres and acres and acres of freedom! So, I took advantage of those hours by overhauling my Pony Room--the office of all things My Little Pony at the end of the upstairs hall. I cleared out the walk-in closet in there, removing most of the wire shelving and bought (and assembled) three white melamine bookcases to use as display space. I found frames for most of my large Pony Fair posters and got my Pony Fair banners hung up with double-sided contact squares. By cobbling together shelving and drawer space from all over the house, I was finally able to clear enough space to unbox *all* of my G1 collection, all of my G4 collection, and a good percentage of my G2 and G4 collections. It isn't the final product I have envisioned, where I'd like lighted and glass-fronted built-ins for everything, but it is a comfortable stopping point for now. I've got my vintage stuff out of the room's sunlight, I've got most everything out where it can breathe and be assessed and fixed and seen, and it's just a very happy, very pony-rific spot.

It does change the vibe of the room, though, to have most everything G1 hidden away in a closet while the bolder, brighter colors of G3 and G4 are on display. And while I am an all-generations fan, the vintage stuff is/will always be my favorite. Not sure what to do about that, short of bricking up the window, but for now it works.

(My new closet displays. There are a lot of ponies in there that need some serious hair care.)

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I'd been holding off until I could afford the cases, the paint, the chandelier, the slipper chair, the everything I'd envisioned for the room. But, for about $150 in frames/bookcases and scrounging the rest from what we already had, I've got something I'm quite happy working with in the meantime. :) <3

It's 100% me. Super happy, a little silly, faintly embarrassing...but mine. :)
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Yesterday, I hosted another big MLP collector here at my home. She drove from Wisconsin to hand deliver a big private swap box she'd put together for me. I got some awesome stuff! :D <3 I can only hope she was happy with what I gave her, too.

Including, the most exciting, Sunburst--a UK/Euro exclusive Mountain Boy Pony. I only need to find two more of these guys to complete my set. :)


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This weekend, Daniel is celebrating my birthday and so I've got the place all ponified and decorated now. It's certainly feeling a lot more festive than it was this time *last* week. :)

Also, sometime this week the Fair staff will be announcing the host city for the 2014 Pony Fair. There was a lot of talk about remaining in Indianapolis but I am guessing that, given my luck and the fact that I'm moving before it, that it'll be in the Chicagoland area this year. You never know, though. The past few years have been Rhode Island (at the Hasbro Headquarters), Orlando, and Indianapolis.
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I'm experimenting with offering some of my ponies up for sale via Livejournal before they go to eBay or elsewhere. If you're interested in any of the following, please leave me a comment. I'll get back to you, we can figure out shipping costs, and move on from there. :D

In future, you can check all my Pony Sales by clicking my "pony sales" tag. :) But this is the first, so this is all I have right now.

G3 Breezies (US Release)
Click here to see better example photographs of Breezies.

To give you an idea of their size, here's one next to a blind bag G4. :)

In 2006 and 2007, Hasbro released a series of teeny-tiny fabric-winged and fairy-type pony figures as friends and companions to the larger G3 ponies. They lived in flowers and rode around in little floral wagon/train cars. I've got a bunch of them that have been jumbled in a box for far too long. They need loving homes and a hair brushing. :D They *do not* include their crowns or petal cars. Any flaws (besides messy hair and rumpled wings) will be noted individually.

Breezies for Sale

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I decided to start sharing some of my collection here. Even if you aren't interested in My Little Pony, I think it is entertaining (and a little crazy) how there is a pony for every conceivable occasion. For instance, one of my favorite finds at Pony Fair this year--Love Token. While there've been several wedding-related ponies through the years, from brides and grooms to flower girls and little ring bearers, this one is my absolute favorite and was produced in the UK as part of their Romance Ponies collection. She's in such lovely condition! :)


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Slowly, but surely, I'm making progress getting ready to vend at the My Little Pony Fair. I've bought a table the exact size of the vending tables so I can rehearse my set-up. My current plan is to build some foam core risers to display as many ponies as I can. I can't bring it on the plane, so I think I'll figure out the dimensions, test build one, and then plan to arrive in Orlando a day early so I can buy the materials I need to make an identical one there in my hotel room.

I dug through everything I have yesterday to make a rough count. I have about five shoeboxes filled with small accessories that need to be individually bagged, labeled, and priced. I also have about 378 ponies, at present, that I plan to bring to sell. Less than 200 of those have been cleaned, and only 125 have been given inventory numbers and logged. I have an enormous amount of restoration and months of hair conditioning that needs to be done between now and July. It's kinda crazy. On top of that, I'm still actively buying ponies, so by the time of the fair I expect to be vending *at least* 500 ponies on 5' x 30" of table. (Not to mention getting everything I need into suitcases and bringing three family members along with me.) It is fun to work on but also a bit 0_o. :D

I guess my next step is to design the foam core build, whip out my x-acto knife skills, and see how many ponies I can accommodate at a time that way. I also need to find a good place to buy pre-strung paper price tags and small ziplock bags for the accessories.
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Instead of talking about my rough week, I thought I'd rather ramble a bit about My Little Pony. Feel free to skip if you aren't a collector as well.

Vending at the Fair, Adding to my Collection, and Remembering What I Had as a Child )
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Tickets for the 2012 My Little Pony Fair go on sale tomorrow morning at 9am EST. Each year the Fair moves to a different city and this year it is in the (very accessible) world of Orlando, Florida. It is on July 7th and 8th at the Rosen Plaza Hotel and promises more My Little Pony stuff than you've ever seen in your life. I'll be vending there with Daniel and the kids. :)


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