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The Fable Tribe had a small update today of Doctor Who inspired Glamourkin pendants and TARDIS blue star-filled blessing bowls. It's pretty spectacularly happy and inspiring stuff. This year's cash crunch has eased quite a bit, now that we're in the process of moving and have sold off our (disastrously money-sapping) rental properties here in Illinois. I splurged this afternoon and bought myself two pieces I really, really love.

The Fable Tribe
This blessing bowl, for ever returning, was perfect for me. Doctor Who, yes, but also an affirmation of my belief in reincarnation, in the knowledge that I, too, am for ever returning, and maybe, if that's true, I can be forgiven for my flaws, given space and compassion to grow and transform and return again.

The Fable Tribe
I bought this book shaped Glamourkin. I love everything about it. I don't know if it's me doing the shining or me being promised some reinforcing light (probably both), but I love the Sun magick of it all and that's very much what this move and the past year or two feel like to me. Lots and lots of sun magick, of sovereignty and light and growth and sustaining warmth.

Did anything from the update catch your eye? If so, are you a Doctor Who fan, too? :)
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It has been a happy (and splurgey) mail week. Yesterday, my box from Amazon came with the three print books of [ profile] mermaiden's that I didn't have. I'm especially excited as I hadn't read Cage the Darlings or One Solstice Night from her Elora Bishop pen name in e-reader format, either. I read the first couple paragraphs of One Solstice Night aloud to Daniel straight out of the box--it was so charming and entertaining. I'm really looking forward to catching up on them.

I also got my box from The Fable Tribe's latest update. I'd sorta gone with the 'one of everything' mentality since there were so many new product types being debuted. I bought one of their floral crowns, which is all ivory and coral and bronzey brown and ideal for my auburn hair. I got a set of gold glitter Pixie Stars, a mini shrine, and two of the Glamourkin'd Faerie Foundlings figures. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packages and saw how small and dainty everything was. Etsy descriptions with measurements don't mean much to me and from the pictures, I expected the Pixie Stars to be almost Glamourkin-sized and the Foundlings, I really had no idea. The little fawn I got is tiny. A-freakin-dorably so. He and the simplicity bunny fit so beautifully on my home and family themed window altar. I had no idea how many more I actually have room for! :D I knew the mini-shrine would be small, but I didn't appreciate how small it is. It makes the detailing that much more lovable. I'm thrilled.

It is kinda like an animal rescue story. I bought everything because of how great it looked in the photos online and because I believe in the cause but now I'm here to show you the photos of the happy rescues at home, adored and animated, magicked by their surroundings and the comfort of being wanted and loved and home safe and now mine. Everything is just *so* happy!


More photos under the cut... )
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How did I not know and why did nobody tell me?! Since last year's release of [ profile] mermaiden's The Dark Wife, I've daydreamed about adding her books to my library, all alphabetized and official-like. There is absolutely nothing, with the exception possibly of attending my son's dance recital, that has the sort of swelling pride joy, thrill, and rightness with the world than seeing the books of friends on my shelves. I have, and love, [ profile] lathriel's The Poppet and the Lune. [ profile] radshaun, my best friend from high school, has copies of his The Deathday Letter shelved between Marguerite Henry and Eva Ibbotson. I have two copies of The Dark Wife--one signed by Sarah to me and the other signed by her generically for that day I meet someone who simply must receive my spare copy.

I'm not against ebooks, but neither do I love them. Daniel bought me a Kindle as a surprise birthday gift back in October and I've only charged and used it this week for the first time. I don't mind reading webpages, newspapers, journals electronically but I want physical copies of books. I don't want to see a digital photograph of something Graeme made in ceramics--I want the misshapen coil pot itself! I don't want to view my friends' publishing efforts--I want to hug them and stack them and alphabetize them and plant them on park benches and slip them into book exchange boxes around town. I want them to have substance and to live, live as only a print book can.

So, color me completely shocked to be toodling around on Amazon, buying Crumbs and Far for this new Kindle thingy and discovering that Sarah actually has more print books than just The Dark Wife. (I'd think I'd have known this. WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS?! Did you know this?)

I did some remedying of the situation. For $28, free shipping, I will soon receive huggable, autographable, shelvable copies of:
* Hallow's Eve: A Halloween Fairy Tale
* Cage the Darlings
* One Solstice Night

So, in other news from the ladies of the purple shuttered cottage, The Fable Tribe, their new shop on etsy, had a huge update last night. They unveiled a bunch of new products--little sparkly animal 'faerie foundling' figurines, floral crowns and hair flowers, a rainbow of glitterful star bobby pins, shrines and stamped clay altar pieces, and even large Glamourkin wall plaques. I watched some of the update as it happened and then ultimately went to sleep and revisited the shop at 4:00am when Elena woke up to nurse. Thanks to my phone and some impulse purchasing, I ended up with five of their new treasures. :D I got:

The Fable Tribe
This fairy crown to wear for Midsummer.

The Fable Tribe
"Embody Peace" Faerie Foundling

The Fable Tribe
"Cherish the Simple Things" Faerie Foundling

The Fable Tribe
Gold Pixie Stars

The Fable Tribe
Magic Mini Shrine

If you bought anything, what did you pick up? :) I'm most excited about the foundlings and tucking them onto my windowsills with my vases of seaglass and other little treasures. That's become my altar to family and our home here.


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