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Laura ([ profile] twelvepetals) has done an amazing job this month putting together not only the utilitarian framework for my pagan family site,, but also crafting a serene, modern, and welcoming look for it with her graphic design. It is everything I'd hoped for and more. The collaboration has poured magic into my big, vague ideas and steered me towards more inclusivity and bigger potential audiences. She, very rightly, encouraged the change towards 'family' instead of simply 'parenting' on the assumption that many families may want to live a magical home life filled with glitter-dusted pinecones and handmade wrapping paper and they don't all have young children like I do. I hadn't ever considered that what I had to say, what I wanted to share and find and strive to embody for my children might have a bigger appeal. But maybe it will if I don't limit my scope quite so intentionally.

The doors will open, with advertising space on the main page of The Wild Hunt, on December 1st and I need help to make it a page worth visiting and worth remembering to visit again. If it is big and beautiful and interesting, I believe it will grow and attract great monthly submissions from more and more like-minded and lovely folks that I don't yet know are out there. I think it can kindle the comfort of community in the hearts of solitaries currently going it alone and I wholeheartedly believe it can pour good and mutual benefit throughout pagandom. But for any of that to happen, I need to take a running jump at the launch and make it the best start I can muster. I desperately need and want your help. You, who inspire me with your hearts, your insights, and your many varied talents, you are the secret to this whole ambitious plan taking off. I've got hold of an awfully big kite and I need a lot of help right now. Will you run with me, into flight?

I'm looking for submissions. Photos you took that make your heart rise, artwork that you or your children have made that celebrate the Earth and Her many Mysteries, insights into your life as a forest-wandering spellwalker or devoted kitchen witch. I'm looking for fond memories and rich traditions and the crafts that bring joy to an afternoon's free time. I'm hoping for windows into your pagan homeschool practices and the work you do, as priests and priestesses and builders of community to welcome children into your midst. I'm looking to find people whose passions fuel and are fueled by their spiritual journey. I'm looking for you...with all that you have to contribute to the whole.


Please, I hope you'll consider contributing to our community with your unique perspective. We are taking submissions focusing on Winter, the holiday season, and Yule right now, but we are always open to anything you have to share. There are no contracts or exclusivity agreements. If you submit your work, and I choose to post it, I'll offer you $5-$20 for that piece. You decide whether you want to proceed and you're free to redistribute your work, as you will, forevermore. I'm not buying rights to anything that you've created--I'm just saying, "Thank you for taking the time. We couldn't do this without you."

We are taking submissions for the launch between now and November 20th. Please mail what you have, if you're interested, to us at If you know of someone that should be part of our site--pagan parents, artisans, writers, bloggers, photographers, artists, or simply nature-hearted--please feel free to refer them to me. <3

Date: 2012-11-13 01:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love love love that change :} I didn't feel 'left out' by it being about parenting, but I feel SO MUCH MORE excited and included when I can think of being part of a family!

*grins* I'm trying to think of something sparkly to submit. I've always talked about designing some seasonal knit colorwork hats for the wheel of the year.

I can't wait to see how the site grows!!

Date: 2012-11-17 07:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Me, too!

The idea of a magickal home life, with and without children, appeals to me on a soul-deep level. I hope that it can help redefine family, in a lot of ways, and expand the practice outside of the traditional solitary exploration into something more community-driven, home-based, and multigenerational.

I'd be overjoyed if you ever wanted to submit something! :)


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