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When I was a little girl, I had a neighbor whose daughter was a few years younger than me. We weren't good friends, but I was always trying to find ways to invite myself to their home because it smelled like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I thought the mom was holding out on me, because snack time never yielded any of those cookies. So one time, I asked her about the cookies and she said, "I haven't baked any." I insisted, she played coy and innocent. She must have hidden some crazy cookie air freshener somewhere. It drove me mad with longing.

I am finally getting my revenge with my new perfumes. I can be the one smelling like something delicious right out of the kitchen and *nobody* will be the wiser! :D :D

In other words---I GOT MY BPAL YULE SHIPMENT!!

I bought bottles of four of their Yule blends and received a strange and random assortment of 8 free samples of other things to go along with it.

I got:

EL DIA DE LOS REYES (Hot cocoa with cinnamon, coffee, and brown sugar. )
~~Oh, yum! Hot chocolate. The coffee burns off fast and leaves me with cocoa. That cocoa scent gets cooler and more dehydrated over time until it is more cocoa powder and sugar than the beverage. Mmmm.

SLEIPNIR (Confections spun of hazelnuts, honey, elderberries, and bilberries with a dusting of hay and a bit of carrot.)
~~My husband says this smells like the happiest horse ever. Yummy, nutty, warm, and super-comforting scent.

JOULUMUORI (... a glowing hearth, luumukiisseli, riisipuuro, and sima.)
~~Do not like. I can't even tell you why.

PET MAGAH BIRD (blood orange, black plum, sugar cane, guava, frangipani, coconut, pimento berry, violet, caramel, and pear.)
~~Oh, violet. You make me sad. This is a wild array of fruits with an undertone that I'm not so wild about. This bears a few repeat tests, though, where JOULUMUORI is a definite "No".


I'm still waiting on the sample decant sizes I ordered through a decant circle of some of the other fragrances I wasn't too sure about.
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I have the following limited edition Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils for sale. These are all 5 mL bottles, full to shoulder or above, each only tested once or twice. I've had some of them in my collection since 2006. Prices include shipping and delivery confirmation within the US. I'm willing to ship internationally, but I'll have to examine the shipping rates on a case-by-case basis and get back to you on it. :)

Prices are negotiable. I don't know what the older ones go for, to be honest, but I know I've had them a long time and that they need to go somewhere to be loved and liberally poured on as they deserve.

I accept payment through PayPal.

F5 (August 2-8th 2006 Forum Only Scent) $18
A refreshing scent! GET IT?! Aloe, white musk, lime peel, fresh mint, seaspray, verbena and green tea.

MI-GO BRAIN CANISTER (Bottle Only, No Squishy Brain, April 2005) $30
In an effort to create a pleasing environment during a surprise trip to Yuggoth, we have created a soothing yet stimulating blend of pink pepper, peony, jasmine, mango, kiwi, pomegranate, pineapple, white ginger, serene white tea and light musks. Bon voyage!

PINK PHOENIX (BPAL Anniversary 2005) $30
Silliness in the extreme. Vanilla bean, honeycomb, sugared pear, sweet pea and a dribble of strawberry.

VENUS (Limited Edition 2005/2006?) $23
Blissful Love - Romance - Passion - Grace - Beauty - Joy Good Luck in Love and Money - Kindness - Affection - Artistic Inspiration and Success - Harmony - Reconciliation - Sensuosity - Charm - Elegance - Delight

STINKY (Summer 2009) $18
A cure for sweaty bits and sticky wilting. Stinky is a summer refresher 'foom for people that don't dig run-of-the-mill "clean" scents: newly-washed skin with a dusting of milk, white honey, and baby powder.

Doomed summer, supported on the shoulders of winter and autumn: citrus-infused Baltic amber, red valerian, marigold, blood orange, and sunflower subdued by somber myrrh and dry geranium alongside the leaves of autumn and a breath of winter wind.

Coconut and a bit of sugar with pomegranate, pink musk, orange blossom, cypress, honey myrtle, and incense.

OCEANS OF LOVE AND MILLIONS OF KISSES (Black Phoenix Trading Post Limited Edition 8 oz. Bath Oil. Untested.) $33
Orange blossom and honey.
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I need to start selling this stuff off, as I'm running into a lot of "No"s in my orders. Let's chat. What have your latest BPAL purchases been? What are you loving this season? :) I'm having very little luck with anything beyond pure foodie.

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The rich scent of wild blackberry breezing over gentle rosy heather.

I was shocked, upon application, to realize this smells like my Grandma Catherine, my father's mother that passed when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. I didn't know it at the time, but she smelled like this, like a heather-based hand lotion, sweet and unassuming, feminine and comforting. The blackberry note is subtle, just enough to round out the heather and keep it gentle.

She looked a lot like Barbara Bush with her quiet grace, strands of pearls, and glorious cap of silver-white hair. Her top dresser drawer held a few treasures for us grandchildren to discover with every visit--an old "Indian" wallet, a small French doll with a traveling chest full of clothes and tiny button boots.

She wasn't Scottish, but a proud Swede married to a Scots-Irish man, and this is her scent. It is a time capsule perfume, a scent that isn't seen as very modern or youthful, but one that I think holds it's own very well as classic, feminine--the picture of wool and pocketbooks and walking adventures.

Wow, I miss her.
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The Cruise
I've just gotten back late this afternoon from our little ten day vacation. Graeme and I went on an Alaskan cruise while Daniel was working a conference in South Africa. We, all of us, had a phenomenal time. I'll get to uploading the rest of my photos and sorting some of my must-memorialize thoughts of the trip in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I'm happy, recharged, spiritually buoyed--filled up tip to toe with magick and Goddess-Presence. Good stuff.

After a hiatus of like three years, I'm back to the scent-ual delight of sniffing and testing the amazing perfume oils of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I placed a few orders before I left--with both collector/resellers and direct from the Lab itself, so I came home to a mailbox full of smelly delights. Yum! We'll see how many of these I end up keeping and what needs to be rehomed. What have you tried? What are you interested in? What's your new, latest perfume love? Let's chat, yes?

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Sachs and Violens, benefiting Hero Initiative, from Chicago Comic Con.

A sensual scent, compelling and passionate, that stays close to the skin: Roman chamomile, bourbon vanilla, and smoky vanilla bean.

I picked up Sachs at the Chicago Comic-Con. I'd considered buying two bottles of it, thinking someone else would surely like the second if I didn't, but the sniff and the $25 price tag convinced me to just get one. It came with a silver-foiled blue velveteen bag and a Sachs & Violens BPAL postcard, both signed right there by the artist George Perez.

I love vanilla and hoped this would be a rich and yummy vanilla scent.

In the bottle, the dusty bite of chamomile dominates everything. There is a sense of the vanilla in the background taming things a little, warming the blend up, but not much hope of it winning the battle.

On my skin, the chamomile goes through death throes, a big minty, medicinal mess with quite a bit of throw. It's unpleasant but mild enough to be bearable. Within an hour, things turn around and the vanilla notes take over. Then it has the warm, rich, sugary appeal of a fancy-foo drink from Starbucks. The chamomile, relegated to the backdrop, adds a hint of close-to-the-skin feminine complexity to what would otherwise by a crunchy sugar and creamy flavored syrup scent.

Yummy stuff. Subtle, sweet, and compellingly sniffable once the chamomile has time to die down.

Rugged and understated: five sandalwoods, dusty leather, and light musk.

I only sniffed Violens in the bottle at the convention, but that was enough to tell me it smelled, without apology, like a traditional, inexpensive men's cologne. There was nothing even remotely unisex about this fragrance. I don't like this kind of thing on men, even, so it was a definite loser for me.


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