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This past weekend, I celebrated Beltane at Spoutwood Farm's 20th Annual Fairie Festival. It was only my second year attending, but it has ensured my ever-living loyalty. I can't imagine not attending. It was such a joy!

Here you can read about my thoughts on last year's Festival.


This year, the circle of friends attending expanded. Sarah ([ profile] mermaiden) and Jenn ([ profile] willow_cabin) were gracious enough to pick me up at the airport again and schlepp me hither and yon in their car. Joining us this year was Rhiannon ([ profile] rubymulligan) who may be a Fairie Festival convert of her own. We also got to meet up again at the Festival with [ profile] aerialmelodies, [ profile] greyeyedpixie, Ryan, Corey, and [ profile] cloverdew. And then, later in the festival, we met [ profile] shveta_thakrar and her friend [ profile] blood_of_winter. We watched [ profile] sihaya09 and [ profile] damejenn among the bellydancers throughout the weekend. It was, basically, a big LiveJournal celebration for me. :D

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I decided I couldn't force you to visit Flickr to see everyone's brilliant, beautiful costumes. So a photo post! After you scroll through these, I *know* you'll want to see more on Flickr. :D

Really, I have no ups.

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This past weekend, I had the extreme good fortune to be able to celebrate Beltane with some of my dearest friends at Spoutwood Farm's 19th Annual Fairie Festival. I've heard so much about it, through [ profile] mermaiden and [ profile] willow_cabin, both who are regular attendees and huge fans, but I was completely unprepared for the reality of the event. I knew from their pictures and accounts that it would be a place to dress up as fancifully as I cared and to be surrounded by kind, accepting people. But the whole of the Festival was bigger, more beautiful, and more complexly flavored than I'd understood. It was something perfect and energetically alive as an entity all its own. I finally understand the potential of Beltane, the magick of the earth, and the pulse that can effortlessly tie humanity together. It all exists at Spoutwood.

Wintering in Florida, I stumbled on a path that led me to hearing Gaia's voice for the first time in my life. Not as a hazy hip bumpersticker concept, but as a Goddess made flesh in the Earth with a heart-breaking cry and a compelling offer. She will change everything about my life's trajectory if I say "Yes" and the rewards will serve us both. I serve Isis because, as my mentor, I could do no less. I serve Death, because I knew at our meeting that I must. With Gaia, it was instantaneous, too. I am compelled to see where this leads. For this spring, my service led to Spoutwood. What lessons it delivered! I felt, bone-deep, my connection to the Earth. I was standing in the balance between Beltane and Samhain, between embodied life and embodied death. I could fiercely dance life, fiercely dance towards and breathe in my own eventual death. I have never been so spiritually alight and impossibly, so completely grounded into my own physical body. By walking the land, I was walking my life and by doing it in community, I was allowing myself the sensation of shared vision, hope, and love. We are capable of such greatness together.

And so yes, it was serene and spiritual and awe-inspiring, but it was also fun and silly and entertaining. It was this encapsulation of life, the sort of ideal life, where the good outweighs any bad, where those around you are eager to lend a hand or think well of you, where the energy is constructive and not destructive.


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After an evening of trying on all the likely candidates (hauled home from Chicago by my very helpful hubby), I've got two more theme-y celebratory get-ups ready for Fairie Festival. If you'll recall, my first outfit was a few posts back and looks something like this:


Let me tell you, taking photos of oneself with bad lighting and only a half-length mirror is downright impossible. :D So they're not the best, but that's what I've got. :)

Here are preview photos of the other two... )

So there you have it! My three costumes for $3. :D I may spring for some hair dye and makeup, but otherwise I'm good to go. I've got everything hung up with jewelry and everything, just waiting to pack next week. :D :D :D :D Eeeeeeeee!


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