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This afternoon, after an assembly-line effort of sorting and bundling, we drove a carload of pajamas and storybooks for donation to the local chapter of the Pajama Program. Those pajamas will be distributed to area children living in foster care, emergency shelters, and group homes (orphanages). The final tally is pretty spectacular!

We delivered 237 pajamas and 35 storybooks.

Two hundred and thirty seven children will be warm at bedtime because of our efforts. Five giant 30 gallon bags were stuffed full of fleece and cotton jammies. It amounted to 93 pounds of pajamas! Tinkerbell and robots, dinosaurs and hearts, rainbows and elephants, Elmo and unicorns. Everything cute and beloved by children was represented in those bags. Or, put another way:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

A heart for every child, every warm and wonderful pair of pajamas.

I wanted to extend my gratitude to all of you who helped keep me inspired and motivated. Your warm wishes and encouragement helped me get here. My especial thanks to those who donated directly to my efforts. I am humbled by your outrageous generosity and unflinching support.

As I packaged the pajamas up to leave my home, I infused each with a message of "You Are Loved." I can only hope that loving magic offers some of the joy, comfort, and belief in humanity's goodness that the collecting of them instilled in me.

I love you all! Thank you for helping make one of my dreams a reality.

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On Hand
Pajamas: 241
Books: 35
$ for Pajamas: $0

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Friday, the day of my mom's wedding, Graeme woke up with the hot, paper-dry skin of the fevered. He complained of bees in his nose and a sore throat, too, alternating the day between extreme lethargy and sudden torrents of tears. Daniel and I both felt run-down from our busy past couple of months. In Chicago, Daniel was supervising the remodeling of the condo and had spent three days operating on little sleep so he could box and haul away most of our worldly possessions before the floor guys started ripping up and replacing the wood floors. Here in Florida, I hadn't packed for the cruise, had nothing really appropriate to wear to my mom's wedding, and was living in a crazy-mess of a house. We talked on the phone, commiserating with each other, and decided to cancel our participation in my aunt's birthday cruise. It lifted a huge burden off of us. We'll get about 90% of the cruise cost refunded to our credit cards, won't have to drag a sick baby onto a boat in the middle of nowhere, and have gained seven precious days at home together without work or obligation. It has been divine ever since making that decision!

Around five pm, I bundled Graeme up into multiple fleecy layers and strollered to the neighborhood gazebo where my mom was getting married to her long-time boyfriend, Bob. She sprang the wedding idea on us last minute and I was pretty resentful of how she turned my aunt's birthday celebration into her own conveniently pre-paid honeymoon. Still, there was no doubting how supremely happy she was in that late afternoon light. About twenty-five of us witnessed them exchange some moving, personal vows (including one by Bob to act as her "knight in shining armor") and within a few minutes, they were married. We caravanned over to my aunt's patio which had been transformed with only a couple week's notice into this gorgeous wedding reception, complete with orchids and palm fronds and warm pools of candlelight. My mom was sparkling with happiness. For better or for worse, she's embraced this course of her life and looking around at the other guests, most of whom I'd never met, I could see how much my mom's life has diverged from my own. She is her own person and totally unaccountable to me. She has found ways to reinvent what her life is all about and has a whole circle of friends and new family that help her to do that. It was bittersweet but, with Graeme clinging and Daniel flying in later that night, mostly just sweet.


The reception ended early so everyone could finish getting ready for the cruise departure the next morning. I drove over to the airport and picked up Daniel. Such a relief to know, at least this week, he won't be flying away in a day or two and he won't be closeted in his office working until 2am. No, I get seven days with my husband! :)

Saturday, Graeme was snuffly and a bit under-the-weather, but he still announced, "Today, we are going to the beach!". How could I say no to that?! The three of us packed all our beach towels and toys and bundled up for the breezes. My brother Matthew, who'd come into town for the wedding and wasn't able to afford the cruise, called and we made plans to meet in Jupiter at the beach. He brought his wife and our two nephews, Gideon and Elliott (who is Graeme's age). It was such fun to see everyone playing in the sand and the surf. After the beach, we visited an adjacent playground and then drove over together to get lunch at Pollo Tropical, this Cuban fast-food place we love here in South Florida.

After lunch, we split from Matthew's family. I got the sheer luxury of a trip to Goodwill and an after-lunch nap (!!) while Daniel and Graeme played at our park. That night, we played with animals, picked up groceries at Greenwise, gave Graeme a bath and made pasta and steamed broccoli. Mmm. :) It was a perfect family night.

Sunday, I finally admitted defeat. Graeme's homemade whoops!mullet had to be repaired professionally. We drove to a children's hair salon at the Wellington Mall and watched Graeme go from stubborn terror ("I'm scared of the barber! I don't want a hair cut! I don't want my hairs cut!") to proud delight as he announced to anyone who would listen ("Hi, I'm Graeme. I got my hair cut today! I have a new hair cut!").

I'd gotten a completely unexpected refund in the mail for $80 and immediately vowed to apply it towards my Pajama Program collection. I darted around the mall for about an hour and added six big kids sized pajama sets to my collection with the funds.

Oh! Oh! So, I didn't mention the other surprises at the wedding reception. My brother and sister-in-law, as a gift for our 5th Anniversary, gathered 28 pajamas to donate in our honor. My mother even took time from her festivities to deliver five fuzzy fleece sets. That, with my weekend's purchases, brings me to a total of 237 pajamas to donate. How outrageously generous and good-hearted are my friends and family! <3 :)

After shopping, we stopped at Darbster for another amazing, nommy vegan meal. (Hello, tempura-battered cauliflower in sweet chili sauce!)

More photos here... )
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As most of you know, I'm busily collecting and purchasing new children's sleepwear in a personal quest to donate 500 pajamas to The Pajama Program by March 7th. As of last night's shopping trip, I am up to 161!

Starting today, I'm offering a magickal trade that I call Sleep Well for Seashells. For each person that purchases and sends at least *2* new-with-tags pajamas, I'll return the favor by mailing you a package of sea treasures and beach-combed wonders collected from my local beaches in Juno Beach and Jupiter, Florida.

Beach Finds

Each collection will be made individually and meditatively with you in mind and the intention that you receive exactly the material messages you are meant to and those gifts of the sea that will serve you best. Spiritual beachcombing becomes a form of divination--and the package you receive will hopefully speak to you in the curve of a piece of sun-bleached driftwood or the curving fracture lines on a partial shell. I'll include a note about the conditions of the day and any impressions or messages I received during your gathering session.

Jupiter and Juno Beaches are famously productive nesting grounds for sea turtles, brimming with nurturing, renewing energies and shaped by the warm roll of a gentle, subtropical sea.

If you aren't magickally minded, then know that if you send at least 2 pajama sets or one-pieces, you'll receive in return a hand-collected assortment that could include just about anything: driftwood and shells, both fragmented and whole, sea glass and sea stones, fossil casts of shell and coral, and a sparkling fairy dust of our local quartz and shell-bits sand. It would make an interesting mail day! :)

Sound fun? More information under the cut. )
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"If you like the idea of latching on to synchronicity, perhaps it's time to make a formal declaration to yourself and the universe that this is what you want. It's amazing what can happen when we simply declare ourselves in the game."
~from Elaine St. James' Inner Simplicity: 100 Ways to Regain Peace and Nourish Your Soul

Between December 6th and December 18th, I was able to collect and/or purchase 121 pajamas to donate to my local chapter of The Pajama Program along with 35 books and some funds to buy even more. I was sailing on top of the world, freshly enamored with the sheer goodness of humanity, the generosity and love of my friends, feeling like I would be content to die in those moments--completely content with my work in life.

I was well on my way to breezing my way to my personal goal of collecting 500 pajamas by March 7th. Then, with a gut-dropping chill, I read a form letter from PayPal. They noticed I'd been taking donations from my journal and wanted proof that I was a representative of Pajama Program.

Back and Forth with PayPal's Compliance Department and the Pajama Program )

Waiting, in limbo, for a resolution drained away my momentum. Being put under the hot lamps, suspected of masquerading as a charity organization that I'm only an individual contributor to, replaced my joy with tears. I'd gotten to a point of stagnation where it wasn't fun anymore. Worse than that, I was sorry I'd ever started on this ambitious path. It hadn't gotten me anything but grief, right? I've been hunkered down ever since feeling sick and stymied and shamed.

Reading that quote about synchronicity, though, makes me reevaluate my situation. If I'm brave enough to say, "I'm in the game!", will the Universe provide a way? I have to say, "I'm willing to try." Yes, I can't use PayPal for my fundraising efforts the way I'd hoped, but I can open myself to the possibility that more pajamas are circling and that I'll find a way to contribute if I declare myself. I'm here. I'm not beaten yet. I may not meet my goal and I might not have things happen the way I'd planned, but I'm still going to try.

Since then, a handful of truly amazing events have tried to prod me out of my discouragement.

Signs Not To Give Up--Incredible Blessings
1. [ profile] beestungkisses mailed me a $20 bill as a contribution, quite out of the blue. I was able to buy five pairs of pajamas with that--two sets in adult sizes for teenagers and three infant footies types. It was the first day in weeks that my pajama tally ticked upward. It was like magick in the mail...a hug of encouragement.

2. [ profile] mrsbrewer announced on Facebook that she was hosting a Goodnight Moon-themed party for her daughter's second birthday. In lieu of gifts, she was requesting guests bring pajamas to donate to the Pajama Program. I still am feeling speechless about her offer to send them to me. Lorna, collecting them is gift enough to me. There's no need to send them to me if you have a local chapter of the organization there to give them to. (But I'd love photos and to hear how you did!) Seriously, no gesture could have jolted me out of my woe-is-me inaction more than yours.

3. I opened some of my junk mail, on a whim, and discovered $10 in coupons to Toys R Us. Hellooo, pajamas!

4. My Mom called to remind me that she's been adding to "her pajama pile" to send me as a late Yule gift/contribution to my donation. On top of that, now that I'm renting her vacated condo for the winter, she's given me permission to turn all the change I find laying around into money to buy pajamas. It is a lot like a treasure hunt--so far I probably have $15 or so!

5. My husband's firm (he, his partner, and their COO, really) has reaffirmed its intentions to make the Pajama Program one of two charities they support during the year. This could translate into thousands of dollars in contributions a year--all because I was brave enough to ask!

Were these (huge) blessings all there for me to see if I hadn't gotten bogged down in worry and trying to fix something that wasn't really fixable? Of course. I wasn't in the game anymore. I'd closed myself to good things because the path veered from where I'd imagined it'd be.

But here I am to say, belatedly, "Thank you" and "I'll honor your generosity and support by not giving up!".

Another little excerpt from Elaine St. James' book:

"Very possibly it's a little-known law of nature: the more gratitude you have, the more you have to be grateful for."

I'm back to business, opening up to possibilities, and allowing myself to see what I have and not what I don't.

Also, tonight, I'm going shopping for jammies! :)
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RAFFLE DRAWING RESULTS: Monday, December 14th @ 12:08pm
Congratulations to the winners!!

Pajama Program Donations

Truly, I have the best friends and family anyone could ask for. With your help, I'm currently at 121 pajamas and counting! I hope you found the raffle idea a fun little way to contribute to my personal goal of collecting 500 pajamas by March 7th and I hope, if you're free, that you'll join me in delivering them if you're in the South Florida area then. It should be a ton of fun to do. :)

Raffle Results and Whatnot )
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This weekend was a fantastic one for the Pajama Program Drive. I sold $35.00 worth of tickets to my BPAL Raffle (drawing in an hour and a half!). That'll buy us about 7 or 8 more pajamas. I can't wait to get my little hands on those to show them off and add to the pile a'piling beside our Yule tree. :) I also was able to buy and donate 11 children's books with a Barnes and Noble gift card from my birthday that I unearthed from its hiding place in my craft supplies. :D

More exciting, perhaps, than all of that combined was getting a box from [ profile] aerialmelodies. She surprised me with a huge donation--six pajamas and nine books--in exchange for some BPAL perfume. It made for an amazing, jump-up-and-down mail day. :) Everything she sent was crazy-cute but these two girl's pajama tops were the first thing I saw and really capture the awesomesauce of the whole package:

Pajama Program Donations Pajama Program Donations

Oh, the happiness of knowing some little girls are going to get those PJs and be so proud to wear them. :)

Every day I'm continually blown away at how generous and wonderful people are. Gah. :) My heart!
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Yesterday, I received a donation of three pajamas from [ profile] mermaiden and [ profile] willow_cabin. This brings my on-hand pajama total to 72 in just five days of collecting. Thank you, ladies!


They're not only a super-comfy waffle-texture but they're also exceedingly cute. :) I have this theory that babies in shelters, new foster homes and "group homes" (today's orphanages) will get more love, more kisses, more hugs from staff members if they're dressed in cute, brightly colored and cuddly clothes. Know that the extra love these babies get, the warmth and comfort of their own, new pajamas is entirely thanks to your generosity. Thank you!

Opening the package, I was amused that there appears to be one pajama picked out by [ profile] willow_cabin (a rather Dutch inspired hearts and tulips pink girly number), one picked out by [ profile] mermaiden (happily rampaging rainbow elephants), and one picked out by their dogs (with, not surprisingly, dogs). Ha!


If you'd like to participate in my virtual Pajama Program Drive, we have two active events going right now. You can buy $1 raffle tickets in my BPAL Perfume Raffle, ending Monday, or you can donate $5 or more to receive a copy of my holiday mix CD Yuljama!, an atmospheric mix of help-thy-fellow-man and Muppets. :D
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My husband earned an unexpected day off today. I gathered the money I collected this week from selling my BPAL collection, raffle tickets for the *rest* of my BPAL collection, and my Yuljama! holiday mix CD and we made our merry way to shop at Carter's, Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx.

The clearance sections were kind to our cause. I was able to buy beautiful, high-quality, warm pajamas at reasonable prices ranging from about $3-$10. At Carter's the nicest sales clerk on earth heard about my search for affordable donations, dove into her backroom, and came out with a rack of undisplayed footie pajamas all ringing up under $5. I didn't quite buy all of them, but I *did* walk away with most of their clearance pajama stock.

At TJ Maxx and Marshalls, I had about $180 in returns to make. I traded those returned holiday purchases for store credit and was able to pick up another 20 PJs in larger children's and adult sizes (for teenagers).

Pajama Program Donations

Tonight's shopping, with my husband matching everyone's donations dollar-for-dollar and my store returns, yielded a wonderful sixty-seven pajamas for needy children. I'm in love with all of you angels who made that possible. This is the love and goodness, expressed in flannel, footies, and fleece, of twelve LiveJournal members. Thank you! Thank you! A thousand thank you's to [ profile] artfuldodger, [ profile] crafty_in_nh, [ profile] elfinecstasy, [ profile] hazakaza, [ profile] kehleyr, [ profile] lilith42, [ profile] memory_flow, [ profile] mermaiden, [ profile] passionera, [ profile] strahlend31, [ profile] suzanna_o and [ profile] teh_riaz. I hope, somehow, you get to know the true impact, the outward-flowing, ever-multiplying ramifications of your generosity.

The crazy thing? This is just the beginning. Dozens more pajamas, even now, are winging their way here in the mail. The world is full of miracles, of goodness, of light.


Dec. 9th, 2009 10:28 am
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A note on all things Pajama Program:

* I started collecting/buying pajamas on December 6th with a goal of having 500 to donate by March 7th. I did the reality-check math on that ambitious goal and realize that requires me to add 6 pajamas to the pile each and every day. It seems crazy-difficult and yet, if I'm focused and unrelenting and creative and willing to sacrifice a lot, possibly achievable, too. I imagine, for you on my friends-list, that you'll be hearing about pajamas pretty frequently. I hope you'll bear with me. I have a lot of fun incentives in mind to lure you into my charity craziness. If you feel called to jump in and help, awesome!, if not, I may have your number next time. :) Short of sexual favors, I'm willing to trade just about anything I have and can do for pajama donations. Drop me a note if you have any ideas of what would get you involved...what you'd happily trade new pajamas for. :)

* My BPAL Pajama Jam sale has been a great success. I've traded (or made plans to trade) 10 bottles of perfume and 35 sample-sized imps or decants for a promised 23 pajamas and another $38 to buy more with. There are still 6 bottles and 55 sample-sizes unclaimed! If you're interested in swapping PJs for BPAL or even would just like to buy some BPAL at below-market prices, go check it out! Anything that isn't claimed/reserved by today will be swept off to do other things, so look through the list one more time while you can. :)

* Thanks to those of you who've donated through my Yuljama! Holiday Mix CD sale. I've sold four copies for $35, raising enough money to buy probably 7 nice fleece pajamas. If you'd like to contribute to my Pajama Program Drive via PayPal and receive a feel-good holiday mix in return, please consider donating. I'll be selling those CDs until Friday, December 18th.

* My upcoming fundraiser is a pretty exciting one. If you collect crystals, minerals, and other earth treasures, I suggest that you make sure you have a dollar or two in your PayPal account. It would be well worth your while. ;) :D

* My husband's firm sponsors many charities each year. Their new CFO has suggested that they choose just two to support faithfully each year instead of giving money away to everyone who knocks on the door asking. My husband, as Vice President, gets to pick one of these favored charities and surprised me at dinner last night with the news that he'd picked Pajama Program. I don't know how much that'll translate into being, but the thought had me in happy tears last night. :)
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Edited: The BPAL Pajama Jam is now closed. All unclaimed/unreserved perfumes have been put into a BPAL Raffle. If you'd like a chance to win an 8 oz. bath oil, four 5mL bottles, and 40 sample-sized imps and/or decants, go check it out here before Monday December 14th! Thanks for all your support!

I'm trying to collect or raise money to purchase 500 pajama sets for the Pajama Program, a charitable organization that provides warm pajamas and bedtime book to children in crisis. Earlier this year, I managed to donate 200 in time for Valentine's Day. This winter, I have until March 7th. I simply am not in the financial position this year to buy them all outright. Will you help? I'm selling my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes and accepting pajama currency. :D

Here's my proposition...

I'll trade full bottles from my BPAL collection as well as sample-sized imps, in exchange for pajama donations. For every two, new-with-tags pajama sets you send me, I'll send you the full bottle of BPAL of your choice. Want five bottles? That'll "cost" you ten donated pairs of pajamas. Sound fun?

The Rules
1. Donated pajamas must be new with tags or original packaging. They may be any size/gender/style from newborn up to children's 16. Warm pajamas are especially appreciated. Scour clearance racks to find the best deals or pack up the PJs you bought for a child but never used.

2. You must comment below with the bottle(s) you'd like to reserve. I will hold reserved perfumes for ten days. If, in those ten days, I don't receive pajamas from you or having a way to track the package's progress to me, they'll go back into the available list for others to claim.

3. Please, when you send the PJs, use delivery confirmation or a tracking number so we can, you know, track the package if it should go awry. If you have them shipped directly from an online company, keep track of your invoice for similar reasons. I will also put tracking numbers on outgoing perfume so you can know when to expect it to arrive.

4. Flannel, fleece, and footies are love. If you feel compelled to send more than the required two PJs per bottle donation, I'd be happy, happy, happy to send them along to the charity.

The Goods
All items are tested once, cleanly, and are full unless otherwise noted.

5 ML BOTTLES- 2 Donated PJs each

F5 (Forum Exclusive August 2006)
Mi-Go Brain Canister (2005? 2006?) on hold for [ profile] rubymulligan
Pink Phoenix (2005, cobalt bottle) on hold for [ profile] rubymulligan
Venus sold to [ profile] kehleyr
Boo! (Halloween 2009) claimed by [ profile] rubymulligan for 2 PJs!
Joulumuori (Yuletide 2009) on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Stinky (Summer 2009)
Cake Smash ( Forum Exclusive) claimed by [ profile] rubymulligan for 2 PJs!
Lambs-Wool (Halloween 2009)reserved for [ profile] aerialmelodies
Pumpkin V (Halloween 2009)reserved for [ profile] morrigane
Pet Magah Bird (Yuletide 2009)
Sleipnir (Yuletide 2009) claimed by [ profile] mermaiden for 2 PJs!
Summer's Last Will and Testament (Summer 2009)
Plastic Pink Flamingo (Summer 2009) sold to [ profile] suzanna_o
Zombie Apocalypse (Dark Delicacies Exclusive 2009) sold back to [ profile] songtoisis
Pomona (Halloween 2009) sold back to [ profile] songtoisis

SAMPLE-SIZED IMPS & DECANTS- Donate 1 set of PJs, pick five imps/decants.

Against Idleness & Mischief
Against Idleness & Mischief
Anubis claimed by [ profile] mermaiden
Arcana on hold for [ profile] artemis112
Baghdad on hold for [ profile] artemis112
Black Annis
Black Cat
Black Forest on hold for [ profile] aerialmelodies
Black Opal on hold for [ profile] artemis112
Blood on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Bon Vivant sold back to [ profile] songtoisis
Brisingamen on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Cathedral on hold for [ profile] aerialmelodies
Cheshire Cat
Cobra Lily
Cockaigne on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Crib Girls (Yuletide 2009) sold back to [ profile] songtoisis
Dirty on hold for [ profile] artemis112
Dove's Heart
Dragon's Heart on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Dragon's Tears on hold for [ profile] aerialmelodies
Dragon's Tears on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Enraged Bunny Musk on hold for [ profile] rubymulligan
Evening Cicadas and Red Peppers (Yuletide 2009)- This is actually an empty 5mL bottle. Testable amount left.
Faunalia (Yuletide 2009) on hold for [ profile] artemis112
Faustus on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Hecate on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
How Doth the Little Crocodile
Kumari Kandam on hold for [ profile] aerialmelodies
La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente
Mag Mell on hold for [ profile] aerialmelodies
Mata Hari claimed by [ profile] mermaiden
Midnight Mass (Yuletide 2009) on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Monster Bait: Closet on hold for [ profile] rubymulligan
Monster Bait: Underbed on hold for [ profile] rubymulligan
Mother Shub's Pfancy Pfefferneusse (Yuletide 2009)- This is actually a nearly-empty 5mL bottle. sold back to [ profile] songtoisis
Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf (Yuletide 2009) sold back to [ profile] songtoisis
Mother Shub's Spiced Lait de Chevre (Yuletide 2009) claimed by [ profile] mermaiden
Muse on hold for [ profile] aerialmelodies
Namaste sold to [ profile] kehleyr
Nocturne on hold for [ profile] aerialmelodies
O on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Port-au-Prince on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Queen Mab
Sea of Glass
Silk Road
Snowball Fracas (Yuletide 2009)
Snowblind: Resurrected (Yuletide 2008) claimed by [ profile] mermaiden
Sudha Segara sold to [ profile] suzanna_o
Sugar Skull on hold for [ profile] rubymulligan
Thanatos on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
The Fruit of Paradise (Yuletide 2009) claimed by [ profile] mermaiden
The Hamptons sold back to [ profile] songtoisis
The Heirophant sold back to [ profile] songtoisis
The Mock Turtle's Lessons
The Reaper and the Flowers
The School-House (Halloween 2008)
The Sea Foams Blood
Thorns on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Titus Andronicus
To A Woman
To A Woman
Tombstone on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Tushnamatay on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
Twilight sold to [ profile] kehleyr
Uruk on hold for [ profile] dependonyou
White Light sold back to [ profile] songtoisis
White Rabbit

Any questions or comments? Is this a crazy idea? Prefer to pay with PayPal instead of PJs? Feel free to ask and/or comment. :)


Dec. 6th, 2009 10:01 am
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I'm on a mission to collect and/or buy at least 500 pajamas to donate to the Pajama Program in time to celebrate my husband and I's fifth wedding anniversary in March.

As part of that goal, I've created an uplifting, heartwarming holiday mix CD. The full-length album contains a festive mix of choral voice, atmospheric instrumentals, stand-by favorites, and appearances by my favorite spreaders of good cheer and world peace, the Muppets. While a couple of the songs mention Christmas (of the Santa variety) and Christmas (of the Jesus variety), the album as a whole was compiled with a spirit of goodwill towards men and inclusive celebration.

Yuljama! is not available in stores. ;)

Everyone who donates at least $5 towards my pajama drive will receive, by mail, a copy of Yuljama!. I will personally cover costs of shipping, production, and packaging so that every cent of what you donate will be used to purchase warm pajamas for children in need.

As the drive continues, I'll post photos of all pajamas purchased so you can see just how far the flannel, fleece, and footie love spreads. :)

I thought it'd be more fun to have the songlist remain a mystery, but if you'd like to know what's on Yuljama!, I'd be happy to fill you in. :D

I hope you'll consider donating $5 or more. You can PayPal payment to . If you do, please make sure your mailing address is included with your PayPal information. Thanks!
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200 Pairs of Pajamas for Charity

Last year, as a Valentine to my son, I collected and donated 200 new fuzzy pajama sets and about 100 uplifting books to the Pajama Program, a national charity that distributes new pajamas and books to children in foster care, homeless shelters, and other tough circumstances away from the love and comfort of a stable home at bedtime.

This year, I'll be in Florida for the winter and I've noticed that the Palm Beach County chapter of Pajama Program is holding a fundraising event on March 7th. My goal, even more of a moonshot than last year's, is to show up at the event with at least 500 pajama sets in honor of my husband and I's five year anniversary March 5th.

If I accomplish that, *I* could sleep better at night.


If you'd like to contribute new pajamas, children's books, or funds to my virtual pajama drive, I'd welcome your support. If you know of any shops having spectacular sales, free shipping, and/or great discounts, I'd love the info on them. Last year's 200 pajama donation wouldn't have been possible without some sharp-eyed shoppers on my friends list making those purchases within my means.
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This weekend ended up so nice. :) We got to do some fun things together, to spend plenty of time outside, and to get the office all ready for Daniel's new engineer who is starting today.

Friday morning, I had an appointment to take the car in for its regular 45,000 mile service. Daniel and I both are procrastinators on this kinda thing because a simple oil change for the Volvo takes forever. The car is still under warranty and the mechanics seem to go out of their way to find additional things to fix. I'm alright with it, but spending a few hours trying to entertain Graeme in a waiting room of a dealership is not my idea of fun. Luck was on my side, though, because Graeme was still deeply asleep in bed with Daniel when it was time for me to go. I whispered my goodbyes, told Daniel I'd be back, and got the heck out of Dodge. :D

I've been psyching myself up for Graeme and I's Alaskan cruise this August by laying in a stock of books about some of the places we'll be going and the history of the Yukon gold rush in general. While the mechanics did their thing, I relaxed (without constant toddler interference) and read about half of one of my new books--Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush. It has been incredibly interesting to learn about the gold rush in Alaska and the progressive settlement of that area through the stories of the women who were part of the dance hall and prostitution worlds there. And what the hey! I'm reading! Who knew it could be possible again! I'm reading! :D :D :D

After a day of playing at home, Daniel took Graeme to the playground while I went to see the new exhibit at the Rotofugi Gallery, a designer toy palace in my neighborhood, of Frank Kozik's paintings. I have some of his toy designs in my collection, including what he calls "Happy Labbit", which he signed for me at the event. His most famous toys are these simple white rabbits with five o'clock shadows smoking cigarettes, called "Smorkin' Labbits". Mine is an accessorized labbit that has some interchangeable things you can put in his mouth (instead of a cigarette) ala Mr. Potato Head my case a big toothy grin, a party blower, a chocolate ice cream cone, and a leafy carrot. He's pretty damn cheery. :) After the signing, I walked a couple blocks to the park to meet up with Daniel and Graeme and we walked home together hand in hand in hand in the fading sunlight. It was awesome.

Saturday, we were invited to two different parties. Wow, us? :D The first was a housewarming party and grillout for Daniel's high school friend Sean. Sean has a dog, a very sweet and well-behaved, and she immediately approached Graeme and licked his face. He loves dogs, in theory, but has never been licked by one or been on the ground where one so obviously larger than him has approached him. She was speedy, too, darting towards and away from him and trying to get him to play. He was unsure, intimidated, started to cry. We didn't stay long, had some veggie burgers and pretzels, and then packed back into the car for party #2.

A week or more ago, I'd gotten an invitation through a local pagan mailing list I'm on, to attend the first birthday party of a baby who'd come to one of my Chicago Pagan Family meetups--a Mabon potluck. We hadn't talked since that meeting, so I kinda assumed that the mother wasn't intending to invite me. Then I got a second invitation through Facebook, where the mother has me friended, and I kinda had a "Who, me? Did you mean me?" moment of insecurity before accepting. It is the first child birthday party we've gotten invited to, such a fun thing to do with Graeme and even better it was a pagan affair with a blessing ceremony, too.

We had such a wonderful time!

It was a potluck, which was nice, and there was much happy-baby-smashing-cake hilarity and everyone there was an absolute delight. All good. It was a baby-celebrating zone where everyone (me included) was nursing so it was comfortable, too. The best thing, though, was the blessing ceremony.

There was a blessing altar for the birthday girl (Joy, for those here who know her). We were all invited to go to it and write a message or blessing or memory for Joy in a book she'd keep (Air), as well as a sea of white candles we could light with love for her (Fire). There was a bowl of assorted colorful glass beads (Earth) that we were invited to take one or more of as a symbol of a blessing we wished upon her in her life. During the ceremony itself, we all sat in a circle and one by one we announced our blessings and strung our beads together onto a thread that would become a necklace of blessings. (My two blessings were that she'd never lose her natural enthusiasm and curiousity/wonder in the world around her and that she'd always have at least one true blue friend and that she'd know who they were. Daniel's one was serenity in the face of obstacles, others wished things like health and happiness and community for her.) Virginia, Joy's mom, took a bowl of water with a crystal point in it, and passed it around to us to embue with love and blessings while gazing at ourselves in the water and realizing that she is already whole souls, as are we, and that our job as her community was to be that image of wholeness and self-security for her as she grows from whole infant to whole adult. Once it had gone around the circle, Virginia blessed Joy on the forehead with the water and then came around to bless those of us who wished it as well. Finally, we intoned her name, three times, as a witness of her to the Universe. Joyous occasion, as fitting her namesake. :) It felt like authentic, embracing spiritual motherhood/childhood. The community spirit I long for! I was so grateful to be included.

After the party, Graeme fell asleep in the car, so we stopped to buy some baby needs at Toys R Us (me running in while the boys napped in the car) and then stopped at one of my local thrift stores while they napped some more. (I found a big creative activity book for kids, a children's hand drum, and some small animal toys.) We had leftovers for dinner later and then watched a show we'd DVR'd on Daniel's parents' suggestion--Expedition Africa.

Sunday, we had a quiet morning, Graeme and I, while Daniel went to get some things done at the office in preparation for his new hire's arrival. In the afternoon, we went to drop off some more pajama donations for the Pajama Programand then ran around Office Depot while Daniel picked out some additional office chairs for Tom, his new employee. At the office, he put them together with some of Graeme's help (sorta) and many bribes of pretzels. In the evening, long sunlit evening that I love, we walked to a family-friendly Italian place we feel comfortable at and had dinner together. It was still light out at 8pm when we finished, so we walked the neighborhood hand (in hand in hand) and stopped to play for a few minutes at the park. It was so wonderful. Oh! What a weekend. :) I love my family. I love my life. :)


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