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This week, the New York Public Library released their Top 10 favorite YA books of 2015 list and it included my best friend and high school savior, Shaun's, anthology Violent Ends. (Huzzah!) The library also compiled a list of their 51 favorite YA reads of the year, with all kinds of searchable filters. It was great fun to navigate through. I'm trying to outwait an uncomfortable headcold, so this was perfect timing to find some new books to read.

Based on my interest in historical fiction with female protagonists, it steered me towards The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz and The Wrath and the Dawn by debut author Renee Ahdieh. I've been quite happy with the recommendations!

How do you keep up with new releases or decide what to read next? Are there any websites you follow that I should know about? I use a massively imprecise system of word-of-mouth, cover-art-snap-judgements, and chance encounters at the book store. There must be a better way! :)


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