Oct. 25th, 2013

windinthemaples: A lane of red maple trees in riotous fall color. (mlp witch)
Yesterday, I hosted another big MLP collector here at my home. She drove from Wisconsin to hand deliver a big private swap box she'd put together for me. I got some awesome stuff! :D <3 I can only hope she was happy with what I gave her, too.

Including, the most exciting, Sunburst--a UK/Euro exclusive Mountain Boy Pony. I only need to find two more of these guys to complete my set. :)


Lots more ponies under the cut! )

This weekend, Daniel is celebrating my birthday and so I've got the place all ponified and decorated now. It's certainly feeling a lot more festive than it was this time *last* week. :)

Also, sometime this week the Fair staff will be announcing the host city for the 2014 Pony Fair. There was a lot of talk about remaining in Indianapolis but I am guessing that, given my luck and the fact that I'm moving before it, that it'll be in the Chicagoland area this year. You never know, though. The past few years have been Rhode Island (at the Hasbro Headquarters), Orlando, and Indianapolis.


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